The Team @ Pukatea Hill

'There are two types of leaders in a herd situation. The alpha, or lead horse, that rules by dominance, and passive leaders that lead by example. The passive leaders are usually chosen by other members of the herd and are followed willingly, while alphas use force to declare their place in the herd.

Passive leaders are usually older horses somewhere in the middle of the herd's pecking order. They are quiet and consistent in their day-to-day behavior and don't appear to have much ambition to move up the "alpha" ladder. As a result, there appears to be no reason for them to use force to continually declare their position in the herd.'


I like to think of myself as a passive leader of the team. 'There is no I in Team" and that is our philosophy. Each member of the team, two-legged and four, is equal and valued.As time passes I will add details of the whole team for your interest.


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