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Authentic, Inclusive, Unforgettable


When you are challenged by social etiquette and struggle with communication

the world is a confusing place. Horses can't lie and they treat everyone equally. 

People on the autistic spectrum, people with challenging behaviours and troubled youth have

responded to horses all over the world in positive and life changing ways.

Young and old people who face all kinds of challenges in life have become more

self-aware and communicative in response to spending time with horses.

It would be impossible to make a list of experiences to choose from because the range is as

varied as the people who need them.  I  an an experienced  specialist teacher of people with special needs.

My core value is inclusiveness. True inclusiveness celebrates uniqueness and enhances peoples

sense of belonging.

Being with horses. both on the ground or on their backs in a safe and supportive environment

that understands and supports your special needs can only be a positive experience. If you are the parent,

grandparent, caregiver, teacher, or a support person for someone who  would benefit from a personally

tailored adventure with horses please contact me for information regarding our services.

Special  Experiences for people  with Special  Needs

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